Client Wardrobe For Your Portrait Session

use client wardrobe for your portrait session

There are a few things that I hear often when potential clients chat with me about the portraits. The top on the list is always what are we going to wear? Since this is such a major stressing point for moms and a leading cause of photo-shoot-a-phobia (real word I promise) I started collecting beautiful wardrobe pieces as a complimentary service. This is why my mission to create client wardrobe for your portrait session began. Lets answer some common questions that come up and see some examples that might be a perfect fit for you!

Why should we choose client wardrobe for our portrait session?

The dresses I collect all photograph in a gorgeous way and compliment many different body types. If you want to know that you are going to get the signature Cayton Heath Photography look, using client wardrobe is the simple choice. However, I do understand that some newborn sessions, maternity sessions, or family sessions may call for your own clothing. When those situations come up I have some great styling cards to help.

What sizes are available in the client wardrobe for your portrait session?

I’m so glad you asked!

Sizes XS-4X for moms

For Dads I carry size large shirts

I have various sizes for children ranging from Newborn to size 12 Girls

Above you see a client wardrobe dress to the left (I have XS and XL in this style/color) and a cohesive style card for inspiration.

I love this dress because its very flattering and has a nice length. It also has versatile sleeves. The model is wearing the sleeves flowy over her arms but you can put that part under your arms or over the straps for a more arm covering look.

Does it cost extra to use your client wardrobe?

Once you invest in your Signature Portrait Experience the client wardrobe is complimentary! I love providing this stress-relieving service to moms like you who may not know exactly what to choose for portraits.

All the client wardrobe pieces have a timelessness to them with soft colors and subtle patterns.

This next dress is a fan favorite for sure! Above left you see the client wardrobe dress on the model and then a pretty color pallet that compliments it beautifully. If you are a little bit nervous about all white or very light colors choosing a piece that has a pattern can help. This dress is a M/L.

Left side: a mama is wearing this dress and not pregnant.

Right side: the same dress compliments this mama’s beautiful bump.

What should we wear as far as shoes go?

This is a super common question because I do not provide shoes in the client wardrobe. I always tell clients to air on the side of more casual versus more fancy. The last thing we want is to have your high heel break due to uneven ground or you lose your balance when you pick up your child.

Dad shoes can be tricky. I recommend a favorite leather or canvas sandal or a not shiny dress shoe.

As far as color for shoes I recommend nude. Nude draws the least amount of attention to your feet and makes you look taller! Win Win!

Below are a few you can purchase at my favorite online boutique (info about that at the bottom of the post).

What should my guy wear if he doesn’t fit comfortably in the size large shirts you offer?

Although you might be surprised by the answer, one of the easiest choices is a classic white (*clean) t-shirt. If guys are uncomfortable they can get impatient way faster. Sometimes knowing that he doesn’t have to dress up crazy fancy can help his mood and ease your stress too! Here are two examples where a T-shirt really looked great.

image of daddy and baby

Below are three dresses from the same online boutique (more info about that at the bottom of the post) and I absolutely love them. They are new to the client wardrobe and waiting for you to try them. Lets check these new styles out.

The first dress is a size small and even though its a maxi length it has an underskirt that has high slits giving it dimension when paired with the lace overlay. It has a very deep-v in the front and the back. It would also be perfect as a petite maternity gown because it has a little bit of room under the waistband.

Next is this size Medium long sleeve floral maxi. It is absolute perfection and if you are bustier like me the v-neck will be very flattering. I wanted to highlight this one because it has long sheer-ish sleeves which makes it perfect for any season. It also has cuff tassels…do I need to say more?

You should come and try it on in the client wardrobe!

Lastly, this final dress is one of the darkest I have. It is a soft taupe brown with bold florals. It’s baby-doll style makes it super flowy and the square neck is extra flattering. Additionally, this dress is also a Small.

Check out my favorite online boutique for client wardrobe for your portrait session

Where are some great places if I want to shop for my wardrobe for our portrait session?

If you would love to explore my favorite boutique for client wardrobe for your portrait session and receive 10% off follow this link- MORNING LAVENDER.

Do you love shopping local? I recommend SHENANIGANS BABY BOUTIQUE for some super cute baby/toddler clothing. For moms I recommend the amazing GATHER DOWNTOWN or the chic PRETTY THISTLE BOUTIQUE.

Did you see something in these client wardrobe examples that you loved? Or would you like to see more? Contact me today and I would love to help you out!

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