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I love providing all my amazing Redding, CA photography clients with a unique and full-service portrait experience. No matter if they choose a Maternity session, Newborn session, Family session or all of the above, I want them to feel special and cared for.

I want to do this for YOU!!

So I will be sharing with you all about the Signature Portrait Experience. You will see this phrase all over my website so I wanted to explain what its all about.

full-service portrait experience

First lets talk about what “full-service” means.

The term ‘full service’ can vary from company to company, but in general, a full service business provides for all of the reasonable needs and wants of their customers

I will not be leaving you to fend for yourself and potentially waist your portrait investment by not enjoying your portraits to their fullest. With that in mind I have structured my standard entry offering to include a little bit of everything you could dream up and I call that The Signature Portrait Experience. It’s the standard package that every client starts with. It includes complimentary services like client wardrobe and in-home sessions but what else does it have?

The Signature Portrait Experience includes PRODUCTS! You can choose between Frames or Albums and every Experience includes the archival digital negatives.

Part of my business philosophy is that we create heirlooms and they are so important that I include some in every package.

full-service portrait experience

You can choose between an Album or a Frame!

The first heirloom opportunity in this full-service portrait experience is the choice between a medium sized frame or an 8×8 album with box. This is perfect for all clients because the way they want to display their portraits varies widely. If you have a family portrait session you might want a large frame for the wall of your home but if you have a Maternity session you may feel like an album that tells the story of your baby’s wonderful beginning is the right way to go. Either way you can’t go wrong and you are doing the right thing for your family by preserving your legacy in an heirloom piece. This brings me so much joy and I love designing each heirloom product for my clients.

full-service portrait experience

We even hand deliver your heirlooms to you!

Part of my unique process and full service portrait experience is hand delivering every “session gallery” to my clients as a gorgeous box of 4×6 proof/ordering portraits. I love the tangible experience my clients have and the rush of holding their portraits in their hands is beautiful. Doing the image delivery and favorites selection this way helps my clients to visualize how their portraits will look in their home plus extra bonus- they have an instant product to start cherishing while they wait for their selected larger heirloom to arrive (album or frame).

Just look how beautiful this box is!

I Partner With The Most Amazing Framer Who Cares About Your Heirlooms As Much As I Do

I just love the image below. It shows how big of a frame comes standard with the Signature Portrait Experience.

I partner with the most amazing frame company. They are a very small family run business who knows every photographer they serve by name. They upcycle old wood from buildings across America and turn them into one of a kind custom frames for photographers like me. I feel so blessed to be a part of this small close knit group who get to work with this company. If you would like to see the frame catalog that shows what my images look like in their frames but also the full line of options click the link below:


Tell Your Story with Albums

If you love the classic gorgeous appeal of Albums I have you covered with that as well. You can choose to go with an album instead of a frame if that fits your family better! Below are some stunning options and my favorite covers are light and textural linen! I can’t wait to show them to you!

If you have more questions or would like to contact me about your session and heirlooms please don’t

hesitate! I can’t wait to here from you.


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