5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer Redding, CA

Ok Google, “Maternity Photographers Near Me”. Raise your hand if you did this when you searched for a maternity photographer right now. Yup, its true I see some hands out there. But how do you know if the Maternity Photographers that Google brings up are going to be a good fit for you? I have some answers to that question in this post featuring, “5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer”.

5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer

Tip #1: Do you love their style and is it consistent?

Ok, I know as far as tips go when booking a Maternity Photographer this may seem obvious but its a very important question to ask yourself. When you see a maternity photographers website or Instagram does it feel like you? Would the photographers light or dark shooting style match the walls of your home (framing and printing your portraits is so important), and does their work look and feel consistent when compared to itself?

Lets break these questions down so you really know what you are looking for.

Does the maternity photographer’s work feel like you and would it match your home or how you dress?

Does your home have lots of super dark saturated hues? Did you paint your bathroom the most stunning Navy and put in a brass faucet for a pop of awesome sauce? Or do you have white walls, an almost white couch (let’s be real if you have a white couch like I do…It hasn’t been all the way white since 2 kids ago!), and love soft grey tones?

Taking a moment to look at your home and even the clothing in your closet will help you when you look for and book a maternity photographer.

Do these color tones feel more like you?
What about these tones? Do these feel more like your home and your closet?
5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer
My client work tends to be more light and airy.

Another question that goes along with this would be to ask yourself if you are more formal or more casual? A photographer with more formal work will have specific poses that they do. In my mind a formal photographer will produce images that feel dressy or regal. I would consider a casual photographer one who produces images that feel a bit un-posed or like they caught a moment as it was happening. Both ways of doing things are so beautiful and I love both styles. But look into a photographer’s posing preferences as you research them to see which you feel most comfortable with.

5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer
Posing away from the camera can feel more casual.
5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer
Not looking straight into the camera feels relaxed.
5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer

Is the maternity photographer’s work consistent in style, quality, and feel?

This is a very important thing to take a few minutes to study as you look at a photographers website and social profiles. Do they have super dark images in one spot with super light images featured in another? Can you pick their work out from other photographer’s work because its consistent? If you take an image from the top of a photographers Instagram feed and scroll down a ways and take another image from the bottom are they similar in quality and do they feel like the work of the photographer?

Click this image for Nayeli’s full studio maternity session.

I think asking these questions is because if you see an image you love from a photographer and then scroll down their feed or website and start seeing images that you don’t like how can you know which the photographer will give you? After you book a maternity photographer you want to be confident that the work you see on their feed is also the kind of work they will provide for you!

Two different 9 ups from my Instagram feed.

If all of a sudden there was a super dark image within these sets it would feel out of place and confusing? You might also wonder…gosh will I receive a dark moody portraits from Cayton or light airy portraits from Cayton. So make sure to study the consistency of any photographer’s images you are considering before you book with them.

Tip #2: How long have they been in business as a maternity photographer?

Just because a photographer has been able to achieve a top ranking on Google does not mean that they have a lot of experience in the real portrait session world. Getting to really know light, photography equipment, and posing takes time, patience, and practice. See if on the photographer’s website that you are considering has anything like “serving Redding since 2011” or something that states how long they have been in business. You want to have someone photograph you who is trustworthy, professional, and experienced.

Now with that said, there are some photographers out there who have been in business for all of 5 minutes and their work is stunning but these are very few and far between.

5 Tips For Booking A Maternity Photographer
Knowing light is a science and so is a flattering pose. This takes time to master!

More things to consider within this question are great to look for when you book a maternity photographer are things like- Have they been featured in their local area businesses or press? Do they have any badges on their sight that state that they are apart of any professional photography organizations? Have they won any awards? Or do they state any special education that they have in photography? Obviously non of these things are crucial but they are good to note and show a level of dedication that is above average.

I happen to be a proud member of PPA. This organization certifies, insures, and educates photographers across America giving them much needed tools to serve their clients in an amazing way.

Tip #3: Are They Easy To Get Ahold Of & Talk With

If a maternity photographer is hard to get ahold of it can be frustrating. Obviously many photographers are moms too and a 24 hour wait to hear back time is understandable especially over the weekend. If a photographer has been in business for awhile they probably have automations setup in their business that would help your message not fall through the cracks.

My computer is setup with a special sound that chimes whenever I have a client message me. Even my boys know what the sound means and come running to tell me if they hear “the client chime”. Also, do not be afraid to pick up the phone and call your photographer or potential photographer. Photographers are real people and many of us love to chat! I promise we photographers aren’t scary to talk to and will gladly answer your questions.

When you get ahold of the maternity photographer and chat with them are they a good listener? When you share your vision for your maternity session do they catch the fire and help make that vision come to life? (Photographers are normally going to stay within their brand style so if your vision is to outside of that you may not be a good fit together.)

5 tips for booking a maternity photographer
In the image above it happened to be sprinkling.
5 tips for booking a maternity photographer

Tip #4: Are They Open About What They Offer Their Clients, And Your Investment?

In the decade I have been a photographer I have tried every pricing structure under the sun. Literally, all of them. There really is no wrong way for a photographer to price their business because what a photographer needs to make per client varies greatly. However, are they willing to chat with you about it? Do they have info on their website about what is included in each package or the session fee you can expect to pay for their services?

Do they offer stress relieving services that help you along like Client Closet? or In-Home Newborn Sessions?

Oh, Hi that’s Me! Behind me you can see some of the gorgeous products I offer my Redding, CA clients.

Let’s talk about hi-res digitals and other products for a moment.

There has been much debate in photography world about how best to communicate your offering to your potential clients. When you are on a photographer’s website and you find their investment information does their page say something like: “Session fee does not include any products” OR something like, “Products purchased after session” OR “Session fee includes a gallery of 40 images to view and order from.” If you see phrases like this on a photographers website (which this is totally how I used to price my services) it means that you are paying for the photographers Session Services apart from any Products (digitals are considered a product). So if a photographer has a session fee of like $300 do not expect to receive all your hi-res digitals from them unless they explicitly state “Session fee includes All hi-res edited digital files.” If they do provide all the digital files their session fee will probably be more in the $600+ range.

I provide everything for my clients within a large Signature Package. So on my website I state that I provide an all inclusive portrait experience. This package experience includes the session, client wardrobe, all hi-res digitals, plus a box of proof prints (above) and an heirloom piece, like an Album or Frame.

Learn more about it HERE.

I also have a video on my Instagram profile briefly going over the Signature Portrait Experience as well: https://www.instagram.com/reel/Ck_pvFoqCwv/

5 tips for booking a maternity photographer
maternity photographer

Tip #5: Before You Book Ask Friends and Family

Maybe this should have been the first tip. LOL! Before you book a maternity photographer chat with friends and family. Have they used someone that they loved? Ask them why they loved that photographer or did not love that photographer. Make sure to ask the maternity photographer you are considering about any areas your family or friends had difficulty with when they booked a photographer, so you do not have the same experience.

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