How To Prepare For Your Newborn Session

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Congratulations! Your baby is here and now it’s time to prepare for your Newborn Session! Let’s talk about how to be as ready as possible.

Feeding Baby

Think milk drunk, Mama!

To the best of your ability feeding your baby right before you get in the car to come to your studio session or right before I arrive at your In-Home Newborn Session is the best.
*Spend a little extra time burping so baby is less likely to spit up on themselves in the car.

White Onesie or Neutral Diaper Cover

I recommend having your baby in a solid white, neutral onesie or diaper cover. The smallest size baby can fit into is recommend so it is easy to swaddle baby over the onesie. It is also very simple and timeless to photograph baby in this piece of clothing.

*Sleepers that go over baby’s head are not recommended.

Baby Essentials

I have the wraps, headbands and blankets needed for your session but what I don’t have essentials.
-Newborn size diapers
-Formula if not nursing
– Pacifier or favorite soother
-Baby brush if desired

-Anything else you will need to care for baby at the session

What To Wear

If you are going to be wearing client wardrobe no need to bring anything for yourself. If your spouse is not a size Large in shirts I recommend a neutral t-shirt and pants. Jeans are ok as long as they are the lightest pair possible…no black jeans please. Khaki pants and chinos always look nice. Extra fancy attire is not necessary. White socks are great.

I also have children’s clothing in a variety of sizes but bringing some neutral emergency options for them is always a good idea if they will be participating.

*Here is my post all about
Client Wardrobe to help you out.

Lastly, Being On Time

From one mama to another I know that this can be tough when you are adjusting to your newest family member.
I recommend packing your diaper bag and all the things the night before. However, if it looks like time is not on your side just send me a text. I always plan knowing that my newborn clients might be a few minutes early/late.
*Staying calm and low stress helps baby do their best during their session.

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Are You Currently Expecting?

The best time to book your Newborn session is at the very beginning of your 2nd trimester.

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