I'm a wedding and portrait photographer passionate about helping you print your photographs and create finely crafted heirlooms .

In every one of life's seasons 

I'm Cayton


I can serve you



Turning my client's photographs into heirlooms to cherish for generations.

favorite place

Besides my home, I'd have to say Michaels. You just can't beat the smell of Michaels in the morning.

Fun Fact

I self taught myself photography and
I knew I was going to marry my hubby when I first saw him.


Finding amazing gems at the local thrift stores and bartering at garage sales.


Taking a shower...let's be real here...in mom life that's about all the time
I have! Ok, and YouTube after the boys are in bed.


Eating chocolate chips straight out of the bag...basically all day everyday.

Why didn’t I choose a camera or something related to photography for my logo? Well, that is a story I would love to tell you.

Growing up I would watch my great-grandma Emmie do amazing things. She would sew and create things and she was so fun to be with. My mom told me that Emmie never thought to herself, “Oh, I can’t do that!” She just did it…whatever it was. She had her own sewing business for decades and her favorite flowers were poppy flowers (the "oranger" the better).

I want to be like her.

Poppy flowers are also special to me because of my incredible grandpa. We call him Poppy. There isn’t much I can say about him without tearing up but I will tell you this… Not only did he love the Lord with his whole heart he loved his football players. He was a high school football coach for over 50 years and the positive impact he had on so many lives is immeasurable.

I want to be like him.

So because of these amazing Godly people I chose to have my logo be a Poppy flower and honor the legacy of those who have come before me. Living by their example, never giving up, and loving Jesus with my whole heart. 

a glimpse behind the camera

So what's in a logo anyway?
let me tell you why its so special
to me and my business

Solei Deo Gloria

My core values

In this day and age I find peace knowing that Jesus saved me when He died for me on the cross.
This is a huge factor in my life and has made me who I am today. My photography business is influenced by this. The choices I make in my daily life revolve around giving God glory for all. 
I am a safe place if you ever want to talk about Him.

Jesus & Faith


God has blessed me with an amazing family. I work hard for my husband and my children (picture of the cuteness).
I believe that teaching my children in our home is invaluable.
I strive to create a peaceful, welcoming and God honoring atmosphere in my home everyday. I fail at this more often then I'm proud of!

Family & Home


I was once told that my images were so beautiful I was thought to be stuck up and fake. To my relief I was also told this could not be further from the truth!
I am proud of my beautiful body of work but lets be real Friend, I spend most of my days in my sweat pants with a pile of dishes in my sink! 

Being Real


The Numbers


clients served over the years


years creating galleries & albums


years in business


cups of coffee a day



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