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Studio Photography And Why I Love It

Hi friends! Isn’t it so true that almost every trend comes back around. Same with studio photography! Back in the day this was how it had to be. It would take 15 minutes to get one portrait and people had to sit perfectly still. Then as technology grew photographers started going outdoors.

Welcome in Cayton to the photography scene circa 2010 ish. Almost every photographer had a favorite field where they would take their clients and they probably brought a jewel toned couch with them to plop the family on in said field (just Pinterest it…it was a lovely trend). They essentially created a studio scene in the outdoors because it was super not cool to be inside a studio.

photography studio in redding ca
studio photography

Now I am here to tell you that studio photography has never been more timeless! I was able to date a photography trend to the early 2000s which now makes all of the couch in a field images feel dated. But when did I take the above images? That’s the first reason why I love studio photography!

Studio Photography Is Timeless

When clients use client wardrobe or chose their own neutral color pallet it can really create a timeless feel. This is another reason why I almost always choose a white backdrop. White is beautiful, timeless, and surprisingly flattering.

family photographer studio photography

Studio Photography Always Has Great Weather

It’s true. When its 109 degrees outside in Redding, CA my studio space is always about 78 degrees. Its always sunny because I use my studio lighting and we don’t have to worry as much about crazy sweating. Rain is also not problem!

studio photography redding california
studio photography

Studio Photography Has Lots Of Easy Benefits

Four things that make using the Cayton Heath Photography studio space so easy are:

1.) The bathroom is straight down the hall
2.) The client fridge is stocked and waiting for you
3.) Its so easy to change into different client wardrobe pieces
4.) Your kiddos are contained and have toys to play with

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