Light and Airy Spring Family Photo Session- Redding, CA

What a beautiful Spring family photo session! Do you know what made it so magical besides the weather? The amazing toddler who I got to photograph. He had great personality and couldn’t have been more worth it. Speaking of toddlers…

Toddlers who want to do their own thing at a photoshoot are my favorite. Its true! Getting all the wiggles and silly things they do captured during your photoshoot could not make me more happy because they can’t help but be themselves. I do understand that this can also cause mom and dad some stress wondering if they will get any great shots or that their sweet kiddo could be getting on my nerves. Please don’t worry…just know they totally are not!!

Tips to have a great session with a toddler:

Well during this family photo shoot I was lucky because this sweet little guy could not have been better behaved. However, I do have a couple tips if you are worried about have a not so great session with a crazy toddler.

1. Stay Relaxed

The most important thing any parent to a toddler can do before a session is relax. IF you can stay calm your kiddo can sense that and it helps them to feel relaxed as well.

Spring Family Photo Session
Spring Family Photo Session
Spring Family Photo Session

2. Bring your child a snack

I always encourage my families to bring their kiddos some water and also a non staining snack or treat. I had one family who brought tic tacs as a treat and oh man we had fun with that! I have never yelled TIC TAC so loud in all my life! What can I say I love my job. Other great non staining snacks are soup crackers, pretzels, and ritz crackers. If you aren’t a cracker family I recommend something that won’t stick to your kiddos face or clothing. I also highly recommend water for your toddler to drink but if you are going to bring them a drink please do not bring them a water bottle and hope for the best. A sippy cup or something less likely to spill would be a much better option.

Spring Family Photo Session

3. Don’t worry about the images I’m getting

If your little one is all over the place it’s totally ok! Some of the craziest kiddos give me the greatest portraits. I love the personality and spirit that is captured in an image that was taken of a child who may not be 100% cooperative! I don’t want you to worry about your kiddo or how I might be feeling. I love it and everything happening during your photoshoot will be awesome. I’m here for it!!

Spring Family Photo Session
Spring Family Photo Session

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