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Redding Wedding Venue The Bluff

I just recently had the priviladge of using the gorgeous venue called The Bluff for a wedding photography bridal shoot. I can not say enough great things about this experience and if you haven’t booked a wedding venue yet and want a slightly rustic vibe The Bluff would be a perfect fit for you! When you book The Bluff as your wedding venue you get an all in one prep, ceremony and reception location jackpot!

Whitney and her family own The Bluff. They just moved here from southern Cali and they know a thing or two about how to be gracious hosts. They were setting up for an amazing Saturday event when we came for the Bridal shoot on a Wednesday evening and they already had so many of the event’s details in place. Ready to go!

As an event venue professional Whitney is easy to get a hold of and takes time to listen to your needs. Plus she has the biggest smile!

Why I Love The Bluff For Wedding Photography:

1. Just look at this bridal suite!

It’s so beautiful and oozes with that just renovated smell (you know you love that too)! Its pretty much all white and has very minimal d├ęcor. I love that they have a simple salon space that make it so easy to get the girls ready with hair and makeup! Not pictured is a mudroom, couch, bathroom, and kitchenette that add so much convenience to the whole experience.

The barn doors you see behind the model are the doors for the bridal suite.

2. White Cement (seen above)

Ok I know that might sound weird but I promise its a selling point. This white cement allows your photographer to capture beautiful portraits of your day even as the sun is fading and the light is dimming. It makes your skin look amazing and really works in your favor. The white cement also works as your reception dance floor and its slightly rough texture makes for sure footed dancing!

3. The Can’t Get Better Then This” Aisle

At The Bluff the aisle is already there for you. Its wide and there is plenty of room for your own customizations without getting your dress caught in a candle or floral. There are beautiful beams overhead that just scream add white flowy fabric to me. In the Spring there are vines that grown on the beam arches along the aisle which is just to die for. Once you get to the end of the aisle there is a last beam arch with which you can get married under. You do not need to invest in your own wedding arch because its already there!

4. The Views & Fields

This venue has a little bit of all the things. I didn’t even have time to cover the indoor reception area in this blog or during my bridal shoot because I was so distracted by the beautiful views. There are open areas in front of the venue and behind the venue so no matter what time or season you are getting married at you will have beautiful scenic areas for your portraits. So many couples have to leave their ceremony or reception sites for beautiful portraits but not at THE BLUFF!!

Shut The Front Door…this is photographer Heaven.
To the right of this field is an addition field with mountains in the background.

So, if you haven’t contacted a venue yet I really do encourage you to contact Whitney and see if The Bluff would be a good fit for your special day!

Here is all their information:
Phone: 707-365-6014
Instagram: @thebluffweddingsandevents

Let them know Cayton sent you!

Are you looking for a wedding photographer in Redding, CA?

I would love to hear from you and learn more about your wedding day vision. For a limited time we are providing 8 hours of wedding day coverage for $2,900 and then our 8 hour package will go up to $3,600 so contact us today!

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