Top Websites And Apps To Help You Plan Your Honeymoon

Let’s dream about the day that your are married, relaxed, and heading to your honeymoon! You planned everything out and your bags are packed. Its such a good day! But how did you get there? As a Redding Wedding Photography I have a few great suggestions! Lets look at 5 great apps and websites that help you plan your honeymoon and have a much deserved vacation.

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Top 5 Apps/Websites To Help You Plan It Out

Here are some of my favorite Apps/Websites to get you where you are going as low stress as possible!


    If you already have everything you need but want to give your wedding guests a way to give a gift why not try HONEYFUND? The site lets your guests give monetary gifts to help fund your honeymoon. Its super simple to set up, just create a registry of each item you need for your honeymoon, along with an associated cost. You can break it down however you like and your guests can contribute as much or as little as their budget allows. It’s awesome!


    Airfare Watchdog is awesome because it not only helps you with getting a great price on flights it can help you choose where to go. If you have your heart set on London, for example, you can create an alert and the app will tell you when the price dips below a certain point. But say you know you want sun and sand but you’re flexible on location, sign up for a daily/weekly alert for the best deals from your local airport. You’ll get a list of both domestic and international flights, so you can see more about destinations you hadn’t considered before.


    The worldwide leader in tours and activities, covering more than 2,000 destinations and offering a little bit of everything from traditional bus and walking tours to crazy VIP luxury experiences. If you want honeymoon adventures they are the go-to place for booking things like snorkeling, horseback riding, cooking classes, and wine tastings. In-depth descriptions tell you what you need to know about each tour and there are plenty of photos, videos, and customer reviews to sift through to make sure the tour is perfect for you guys.


    I just heard about this App the other day and I was super impressed! My cousin uses it when he travels and I knew I had to share it with you guys.

    TripIt won’t make your travel plans for you, but once you’ve booked all the things like flight, hotel, and tours this app makes it easy to see everything in one place. TripIt automatically puts all the information together and transforms your emails into a master itinerary so your plans are in one place, accessible from any device, and available offline. You can also collaborate with your spouse so both of you have access to the itinerary. It’s super cool and it really keeps up!


    If a traditional bed and breakfast is more your style, check out This website offers more than 12,000 properties in the US and around the world. It just got a name change so don’t be surprised. The options are limitless here!

Redding Weddings

Now go on…Get Out Of Here!! Or learn more by reading the Redding Wedding Guide and these great recommended posts. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact me if you have any questions or want to inquire about your date.

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