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wedding photography bridal details

One thing I am always asked by my brides is “Which of my bridal details do you need when you first arrive?” So I thought I would put together a list so you know exactly what a wedding photographer needs as far as details.

Wedding Photography

Details Are The First Thing I Photograph When I Arrive

Details are one of the first things I’ll photograph when I arrive on your wedding day so it’s great if you have all these items in one place that morning. The list below is a great starting point if you’re not sure what to include! 

Wedding Photography Great Bridal Details Bouquet
Wedding Photography Great bridal details bride's shoes
wedding photography

Click the list image to print or download the list for your convenience! If you love this list check out the Cayton Heath Photography Wedding Guide for more great resources for your wedding day planning

My Favorite Detail- The Rings

I love capturing the detail of your rings up close. If possible, try to have your engagement ring cleaned or clean it yourself before your wedding day. Even though you may have had it for a brief time they can get gunky quite quickly. If you would like to know how to best clean your rings I have a Ring Cleaning Post all about it!

Wedding Photography Bridal Details

If you would like to learn more about all things wedding day photography head over to my
Wedding Guide and you will be living it up with details!

If you are at all interested in booking a wedding you can contact me through my Contact Page and I will get back to you within 24 hours. I would love to talk all about wedding details and hear about the love of your life! I currently still have availability in 2023 (just reopened my wedding services so my calendar isn’t quite full yet).

wedding photography bridal details

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