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Where To Get A 4D Ultrasound

I recommend Womb In Bloom!

Years ago when I was pregnant I wasn’t aware of anywhere to have a 4D ultra sound done in Redding California. I wanted to see my precious baby’s face in detail and I just could hardly wait for the appointments where I would be able to have a regular ultrasound.

womb in bloom

I’m really excited to say that now in Redding there is a wonderful place to have a 3D/4D/5D ultrasound done! My sweet friend Yuna owns Womb in Bloom here in town and let me just say, this is a special place!

womb in bloom

Everyone is so friendly who works at Womb In Bloom. They really care about you and your coming baby.

They have a wide range of services from a 6-14 week “first peek” to being able to purchase a gift certificate for an expecting mother. These services range in price from $60 to $150+ based on the service.

One of the best parts about Womb In Bloom is they actually welcome the whole family to take part in the ultrasound experience.

Their waiting area is very child friendly and they have so many comfy places to sit.

womb in bloom

Not only are your children welcome in the waiting area but they are encouraged to come in and see the ultrasound process and get excited about their coming sibling!

womb in bloom 4D ultrasound

When you think about getting a 4D ultrasound I really encourage you to contact Womb In Bloom. Their love and care will not disappoint you.

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womb in bloom

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