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Family Session

How To Prepare Your Family For Your Photo Session

What are the best ways to prepare your family for your upcoming photo session? We will chat about my top 3 mom hacks for this that really help ease the tension and uncertainty of family photo sessions.

Talk To Your Children

Talk to your children all about what is about to happen. Tell them that it will be a fun time to be with Mommy and Daddy and that they will get to run around and play. They will also smile their big beautiful smiles! Make sure to tell them it will take about an hour (if you child does not have a good sense of time tell them it will take about as long as their favorite movie).

If you are going to do something special after your family photo session share that with them too!

Knowing expectations helps children be successful!

Show Them My Picture

Go to my Instagram or the About page on my website and show your children my picture.

If you tell them that a new friend named Miss Cayton is going to photograph your family having fun and being together and share my picture with them I will feel more like a friend to them when you arrive for your session.

Your kids make me happy! Questions about my camera and silliness make the session that much more fun and memorable for them!

Get Mentally Prepared, Mama!

So many parents stress about their family photo session and how their children will do.

The best portraits happen when Mom and Dad stay calm and undemanding of their children during the process.

Being a mom of two boys I understand that when the camera comes out kids can get nutty.

But Remember, creating a wonderful family memory is the ultimate goal. If you focus on cherishing your loved ones exactly how they are your portraits will be beautiful.

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