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serving redding, ca
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Convenient Online booking available for all portrait sessions & Mentoring

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Process & Products

Custom Frame Your Session Portraits

image with multiple frame corners to choose from

You and the ones you love matter the most in your home- so what is a mama client like you suppose to do if they want to frame their portraits?

Not to worry, I’ve got your back!

As part of every session we will sit down and have a private ordering appointment. This appointment is where you can choose the products you love and I help make it happen. You can read my post about albums HERE but this post is just for the frames.

Please note that you will be seeing pages from my Custom Frame Catalog

image of portraits being viewed and ordered

Vintage Arches Are A Timeless Choice

Arches are so unique and I have to say they are probably my favorite option.

displaying available arch shaped frames

Exclusive Family Framer That Custom Frames Your Session Portraits

It makes me so excited to be able to offer these unique and handmade pieces. The framer that I have the privilege of working with only provides frames for professional photographers and they all have to be a certain distance away from each other. So clients of mine are the only families to have access to these stunning statement frames.

image showing different round shaped frames available with cayton heath photography

Round Frames Are Eye-catching

Oh my goodness! Another wonderful and unique shape that I have available to you are Rounds. Up to a 30 inch diameter is available.

Can you custom frame our session portraits with a thinner profile?

retro rounded corner frames available
Luxury upgrades available that feature 3 frames instead of just 1

Retro frames have a thinner profile and rounded corners.

redding california cayton heath photography retro frame option
Retro Frame in the color Home Sewn
custom frame your session portraits
Retro frame in the color raw

Do you have frames that are actually made of reclaimed wood?

Yes I do!

If you aren’t into shaped frames or rounded edges you might be a huge fan of the reclaimed frames available. Below is a look at some of those options.

custom frame your session portraits
custom frame your session portraits
Reclaimed frame with matted print in Stable
custom frame your session portraits

There are so many reclaimed options from my framer! These pieces are taken from old buildings and I love to share that with these frames you are preserving a piece of your family’s history with a piece of American history!

custom frame your session portraits

Craftsman Frames (above) are simple and timeless. They can be smooth or beveled and to be honest I can’t decide which I like better!

I also love being able to provide a range of sizes that fits every need my clients may have. The image of me with the smaller frame shows a 16×20 and I would say this is a standard large size. To the right is a gorgeous example of taking it up a notch with a 30×40. On my website within the pricing page you will see all my pricing. Frames are priced based off of the longest edge’s inches.

image of Cayton holding a frame from the signature portrait experience
16×20 size frame
Cayton with a very large 30x40 frame
30×40 size frame

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