Have you been praying relentlessly for a precious baby? 
Or is this baby # 5 and you thought your family was complete at #4?

However God is writing  the history of your family I am here to capture it for you.
Every Newborn Portrait Experience includes portraits of baby alone, mommy/daddy with baby, any immediate family (like siblings or grandparents), and of course everyone together. You can choose to have your newborn session in the white studio space or in your home. The quality of the portraits I create for you will be the same in either space.

For you are fearfully and wonderfully made! You are known and loved.

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“If you're looking to have photos done of your sweet baby Cayton does an amazing job! She was very detailed and communicative about the entire process from the beginning. She has so many things to offer and is just the sweetest person. I think she was as excited about the birth of our son as we were! We definitely recommend choosing her to help capture those special moments you never want to forget!”


- Kayla

Your Newborn Signature Portrait Experience begins right here – with communication and connection! The most important part of this process is our connection. I want to take the time to make sure we chat about the vision you have for your newborn session and how you want to display your heirlooms!

Get in touch and let's chat about the details!

01: Let’s Connect!

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Once your booking has been confirmed through contract signing your Newborn Portrait Experience starts! We will work through wardrobe options, whether you want to come to the studio space or have me come to your home, and I will send you my heirlooms catalog so you can start dreaming.

The small things make for a big impact!

02: Plan and Dream

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Your session will be centered all around you and your new baby. With all of the planning and preparing we do beforehand, you will start your session with confidence and end with cherished memories.

It's the day you've been waiting for!

03: Session Time

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Your newborn session portraits are presented to you in a gorgeous linen box. We will lay these 4x6 portraits out and decide the ideal way to display them for your family. Then I will order your heirlooms and you can wait for their delivery in peace knowing that you have done something amazing for your family.

Happy delivery day!

04: Delivery and Viewing

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Through this entire process my hope is that your family will cherish these new heirlooms and their memories for years and years to come. I hope that this experience is such a wonderful one for you that you would also consider sharing it with your family and friends so they too can have heirlooms in their homes!

My hope and desire!

05: Cherish and Share

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The very best time to book your newborn session is in your 2nd trimester of pregnancy. This gives us plenty of time to make sure your due date is available.

01. When is the best time to book our newborn session?

Your due date ( or a date close) acts as your tentative session date. This gives us a time window to work with since I book a limited amount of sessions per month it helps make sure we have some wiggle room when your precious baby makes their big appearance. 

02. What do we do if the baby comes late or early?

YES! Your new baby’s immediate family can participate and be included in the newborn portrait session.

03. Can our newborn baby’s sibling(s) be in the portraits too?

For a newborn session I recommend bringing baby essentials like appropriately sized diapers, a fresh white onesie, feeding supplies, and a pacifier if you are using one. Everything else I have on hand, like wraps, props, hats and headbands.

04. What should we bring to our session?

Of course! I have so many samples for you to touch and see for yourself and would love to help you make your Signature Portrait Experience perfect for your family. If there are additional products you would like I can help you order them at your ordering appointment.

05. We love the Signature Portrait Experience but want to add on more products…can we do that?

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I'm Ready
The Newborn Signature Portrait Experience includes everything you are looking for!

  • The session of your choice
  • Access to client wardrobe
  • All hi-res digitals
  • Complimentary album or frame 

Friend! I know this experience is a big deal. Take time to consider and pray about my services and if they are right for you. Go over the website as much as you need to. Read the blog. I do not take this investment you are making lightly so you shouldn't either. If you have any questions at all do not hesitate to reach out to me. When you are ready I am too!

The newborn
Investment $1200

There are so many amazing photographers out there. But I truly believe you are where you are suppose to be right now! I'm thankful you are here.

The season of motherhood you are in deserves to be celebrated. I believe there is no better way to do that than by giving your portraits an elevated place in your home. Through statement framed portraits that shout, “look at these amazing kids I made” to heirloom luxury albums that will demand a tissue and big snuggles on the couch. No matter how you desire to elevate them I can help you do it!

Every Signature Portrait Experience includes a session of your choice, a linen box of beautiful 4x6 proof/ordering portraits, a choice of custom frame or album, and all the hi-res archival digital images. This standard offering has everything you want but can also be easily upgraded upon request if you feel like a little bit more best serves you.

As your photographer, I vow to give you a stress-free and fun photography experience with images of yourself and your family that you are proud to display for family and friends and is wholeheartedly built around celebrating you and your loved ones. I've photographed 600+ families since 2011, so I've learned a thing or two (or 12,257) about crafting the perfect portrait experience and creating timeless invaluable heirlooms your family will cherish.

Creating Heirlooms

the portrait experience

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the experience.

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Not only do we create these heirlooms together within every Signature Portrait Experience but my husband and I will deliver them personally to you upon their arrival. I have him come along if you have selected statement frames within your Signature Experience. Your heirlooms never spend a moment getting dusty, leaning against the wall, or on the floor dishonored. We gladly come and hang your frames for you; timely and professional. I can see your husband’s smile knowing he doesn’t have to do it!

The other reason we come and promptly hang your frames and deliver your albums is because of how it affects your children. Studies have shown that seeing portraits of themselves either on the wall or within an album raises children’s self-esteem. It says to the child, “Look how important and special you are! We love you so much we want to see you on the wall or in this special book! We are so glad you are in this family!” As a mom myself I know how important this is and I want to give that feeling to your children as promptly as I can.

At Home With Your Heirlooms

Beyond the portrait experience

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